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Cylinder straight seam welding machine ZF-1000

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Cylinder straight seam welding machine ZF-1000
I. Product Design Features Overview and Parameters
1. Product Design Features Overview
ZFH straight seam automatic welding machine is a new generation of automatic welding equipment developed by our company based on the user's use situation and opinions. It is mainly suitable for longitudinal seams of thin-walled cylinders, and can smoothly, reliably and efficiently complete the welding process. The machine has reliable quality, beautiful appearance and high degree of automation.
2. Main technical parameters:
power supply
380V / 50Hz
Adjustment range of air supply
0.3 ~ 0.7 Mpa
Maximum effective welding length of the cylinder
Maximum clamping diameter (outer welding)
Can hold the smallest diameter (outer welding)
Can hold the smallest thickness
Maximum clamping thickness
Maximum travel of welding torch
Equipment dimensions (length × width × height)
1800mm × 700mm × 1700mm
Second, the main structural features and functions
The main components of this machine are base, core shaft, key pressing device, shaft end support, welding torch walking mechanism, control system, welding torch fine-tuning mechanism, pneumatic system, etc.
The base is a steel structure with sufficient rigidity and strength to meet the requirements of the whole machine.
The mandrel is a solid cylinder with copper pads (soldering pads) set on it, and the weldment is clamped and fixed together with the key pressing device.
3. Piano pressing device
The compression mechanism is two sets of left-right symmetry, which can apply pressure to both sides of the longitudinal seam respectively. The pressure plate is installed on the bracket, and the pressure plate and the bracket are connected by a pin. The upper cylinder is vented to the lever mechanism to generate pressure on the pressure plate. This pressure can be adjusted as required. This fixture is mainly used for the outer seam welding of cylinders, and can also be used for butt jointing of straight boards.
The operation of the pressing device is to control the clamping or release of the front and rear pressure plates respectively through the front pressure and back pressure foot switches.
4, hold up
The support is installed at one end of the mandrel and can be adjusted by supporting the middle thread so that the distance between the mandrel and the pressure plate is parallel to the horizontal axis. During welding, lift up and turn down. After the weldment is loaded, the bracket is turned up and locked. After supporting the mandrel and holding up the mandrel, the pressure plate can be compressed.
5.Welding gun walking mechanism
A cross beam is fixed on one side of the base, and a circular guide rail and a precision ball screw are fixed on the side of the cross beam. The welding torch travel mechanism moves on the cross beam guide, powered by a stepper motor, and then realizes linear motion through the screw pair, etc. Adjustable. The setting of the position and distance of the walking mechanism can be realized by moving the proximity switch located above the beam as needed.
6.Pneumatic system
The compressed air system is installed on the side of the control box and consists of pressure reducing valves and solenoid valves. In normal use, the pressure of the pressure reducing valve is adjusted to 0.3 ~ 0.5Mpa. When welding thinner plates, a lower air pressure should be used.
7.Control system
The text display is powerful, reliable, easy to operate, and highly automated.
Installation and commissioning
1. Site conditions
It should be provided with 380V AC power (U, V, W N-zero line), smooth and solid cement floor. The factory building should be dry, dust-free and non-corrosive gas. There should be a compressed air source. The pressure of the source should be kept within the range of 0.6 ~ 0.7Mpa.
2. installation
2.1. Adjust the level of the machine according to the welding process requirements.
2.2. Place the welding power source correctly, connect the compressed air source, and connect the compressed air pipeline.
2.3. Place the protective gas cylinder correctly and connect the pipeline.
2.4. Connect the ground wire correctly.
3. debugging
3.1. Carefully check whether the above installation contents are correct and firm, and whether the air pressure meets the requirements.
3.2. Connect the gas source and check whether the pipeline is unobstructed or damaged. The pressure of the gas source is 0.6 ~ 0.7Mpa.
3.3. Turn on the power and test whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct and whether the transmission wheels are flexible and stable.
3.4. Adjust the position of the limit switch according to the length of the workpiece to be welded, so that the walking path of the welding gun corresponds to the weld to be welded.
Fourth, use and operation
1. Open the tail end bracket, place the cylinder weldment on the mandrel, align the weldment of the weldment with the central groove of the copper pad, and then press the foot switch to press both sides of the workpiece.
2. According to the welding seam of the workpiece, adjust the proximity switch and welding gun to a suitable position. Drop the welding gun according to the manual interface on the screen, and adjust the welding gun to a suitable distance.
3. Instructions for using the program:
startup screen:
Click on the startup screen to enter the mechanical parameter interface, and our factory will adjust the mechanical parameters of the equipment.
Mechanical parameter interface:
The mechanical parameters have been adjusted by our factory before leaving the factory. Customers should not adjust them at will.
Click on the startup screen to enter the workpiece parameter setting interface, and the equipment user can adjust the parameters according to the welding workpiece.
Workpiece parameter interface:
As shown in the figure, please adjust the starting coordinates, arc starting coordinates, and arc stopping coordinates according to the workpiece.
Click on the startup screen to enter the manual debugging interface.
Manual debugging interface:
Click on the startup screen to enter the speed setting interface, you can modify the welding line speed.
Speed parameter interface:
Click the delay setting interface at the startup screen, you can modify the welding gun drop delay and arc start delay.
Delay setting interface:
After setting all parameters, you can enter the welding process, press the workpiece, press the start button, the welding torch will run to the starting point coordinates, the welding torch will fall, and then press the start to run to the arc starting point, arc starting-running to the arc stopping point, the welding gun will lift To return to the starting point.
Five, matters needing attention
1. Before welding the workpiece, the surface oxide layer, dirt, oil, rust and other spots must be cleaned. The trajectory of the welding torch must be adjusted to prepare for welding.
2. The two sides of the weld must be aligned without gaps.
3. Grounding must be reliable.
4. Regularly clean up the spatter in the welding tip.
5. Frequently check whether the connecting bolts are loose everywhere. If looseness is found, tighten it in time.
6. The triad on the gas path is drained every day and replenished in time.
7. Pay attention to keep the welding wire clean, do not pollute, and do not use contaminated welding wire.
8. If the working procedure is found to be incorrect, the manufacturer should be immediately notified to send someone for repair, and the user cannot repair it by himself.
Six, maintenance and upkeep
In order to ensure the good operation of the equipment, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment should be strengthened.
1. If the equipment is abnormal, stop it for maintenance immediately, and then run it after troubleshooting.
2. The bearings should be regularly filled with grease and lubricating oil.
3. Frequently check whether the bolted joints are loose, and if necessary, tighten them in time.
4. The electric control box should be kept clean and dry.
5. The solenoid valve should be kept clean and the connection is reliable.
6. Frequently check the electrical wiring and gas path for damage or rat bites, and whether the joints are loose.
7. Clean the dust on the equipment in time.
8. When the device is not used for a long time, wipe the device and cover it with a plastic cloth. To prevent dust and rust.
Updated: 2016-2-2

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