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Straight seam welding machine for buried scraper

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Straight seam welding machine for buried scraper
Buried Scraper Straight Seam Welding Machine is an automatic welding equipment dedicated to the straight seam welding of buried squeegee. The weld seam is beautifully formed, the appearance is smooth, full, and the penetration depth is reasonable. There is a certain amount of overlap to ensure the mechanical strength of the joint, and the weld can be repaired at any time.
This equipment adopts CO 2 gas shielded welding, uses advanced programmable controller (PLC) plus touch screen, and the drive motor uses stepper motor plus driver to make the quality of straight seam welding reliable, high production efficiency and convenient operation. Not only improves efficiency and ensures stable welding quality during production, but also improves the operating environment.
The main technical parameters:
1. Input power: 380V 50Hz
2. Air supply volume adjustment range: 0.3 ~ 0.7 Mpa
3. Installed power: 0.63 Kw
4. Spindle speed: 1-7.5rpm
5.Welding gun walking speed: 10-1200mm / min
6. Dimensions (length × width × height): 2300mm × 590mm × 1830mm
Main structural features
The equipment is mainly composed of the host, X, Y, Z motion mechanism, welding gun fine-tuning mechanism, pneumatic system, electronic control system and so on.
1.Host part
It consists of a base, a driving box, a driven box, a gantry bracket, a positioning tool and a welding torch three-dimensional adjustment mechanism. The positioning tool is fixed on a rotating shaft, and the gantry bracket is fixed on the master and slave boxes. The rotating shaft adopts a stepper motor with a reducer and a gear transmission mechanism, which has a compact structure and stable transmission. The walking mechanism of the welding torch uses a stepping motor as the power output device, the lead screw and the female as the transmission unit, and the linear slide block constitutes a moving unit, thereby ensuring the stable walking of the welding torch.
2.Torch fine-tuning mechanism
It is installed on the pneumatic tailstock, and the gears and racks and hinges are used to complete the fine adjustment of the torch at various angles in three dimensions.
3.Electrical control system
It is mainly concentrated in the control box, and the upper part of the front of the control box is a button panel. It has emergency stop, start button and touch screen. The internal electrical installation board mainly includes electrical components such as PLC, intermediate relays, drivers, etc., which are connected and communicated with the control buttons on the control panel through cables, thereby realizing the control functions of the machine.
Updated: 2012-11-29

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