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400 Cylinder Ring Seam Welding Machine

Jinan Funis Welding Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, design, manufacturing and technical service of automatic welding equipment in China. Its main products are automatic welding equipment such as automatic welding machines, welding positioners and welding roller frames.
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400 Cylinder Ring Seam Welding Machine
A. Equipment operation process
1. Clamp one end of the oil cylinder on the front table chuck, then use the air cylinder on the tailstock to tighten the other end, and adjust the two brackets to the appropriate height. Start the welding torch walking mechanism, move the welding torch to the welding position, adjust the welding torch attitude and the distance between the welding torch and the welding seam, set the welding parameters, start the automatic welding button, the workpiece starts to rotate, the welding torch automatically drops, delayed arcing, multilayer welding, complete Welding of workpieces.
2. Loosen the fixture, remove the workpiece, and complete the welding of a product.
Two . Introduction to equipment structure
     This machine is mainly composed of base, active case, tailstock, bracket, welding gun walking system, welding gun swing system, control system, etc.
Third , the quality of the workpiece weld:
The weld width is uniform, the welding overlap is adjustable, and the weld is beautiful;
Environmental requirements:
1. Power supply: AC380V 50HZ power 10kW;
2. Gas source demand (provided by the buyer): 0.4 ~ 0.8Mpa;
3. Relative humidity: <80%;
Five , the main technical parameters
1. Maximum turning diameter of workpiece (mm) 800
2. Maximum clamping diameter of workpiece (mm) 400
3. Workpiece length (mm) 400-2000
4. Workpiece weight (kg) ≤ 500
5. Workpiece speed (rpm) 0.05-10.5
6 , welding gun lifting stroke (mm) 300
7. Welding gun lateral speed (mm / s) 0-45
8. Welding gun swing range (mm) ± 0-20
Updated: 2012-10-30

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