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Precautions and troubleshooting for automatic ring seam welding machine

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Automatic circular seam welding machine is one of the welding machine tools, which is widely used in various industries. There are many kinds of seam welding methods, equipped with man-machine dialogue system. It has the characteristics of precision and convenient operation, but it has certain requirements for the shape of the welding workpiece. Widely used in medical container, chemical and other industries. The following editors will introduce the precautions for automatic girth seam welding, and the troubleshooting methods for automatic girth seam welding.

I. Precautions for operation of automatic ring seam welding machine

1. Before using the seam welding machine, check whether the rated voltage of the winding matches the power supply voltage (is it 380V or 220V), and check whether the wiring on the terminal board is correct.

2. The nuts, copper lugs and wires on the primary and secondary terminal boards of the seam welding machine must be in close and reliable contact. If the contact is not good, the bolts, nuts and lugs will burn. Therefore, after running the welding machine for a period of time, the oxide layer on each contact surface should be cleaned with a fine emery cloth, and then the bolts should be tightened.

3. The working place of the seam welding machine should be kept dry and well ventilated. When moving the welding machine, cut off the power supply, and do not move the welding machine by pulling the cable. If there is a sudden power failure during welding, the power should be turned off.

4. If multiple AC seam welders are required to work at the same time, the welder should be evenly connected to the three-phase power to balance the three-phase load.

5. The shell of the seam welding machine must be grounded, and a separate wire should be connected to the ground main. When multiple welding machines are connected to a grounding device, a parallel method must be adopted, and series connection is prohibited. Do not remove the ground wire at will when the welding work is not over.

6, seam welding machine can not work in high humidity (relative humidity exceeds 90%), high temperature (above 40 ℃), no ventilation, work away from flammable and explosive items. The placement of the welding machine should be stable, avoiding severe vibration and knock. In order to avoid damaging the performance of the reactor, the welding machine cannot work normally. The welding machine should be kept clean and dry, and cleaned with low-pressure dry compressed air on a regular basis.

7. The seam welding machine should avoid long-term short circuit between the welding electrode and the weldment to prevent the welding machine from being burned.

8. If the seam welding machine cannot arc, the winding is overheated, the welding current cannot be adjusted, the welding machine vibrates or the sound is too loud, etc. Should stop in time, find out the reason, and carry out maintenance.

Second, the automatic girth welding troubleshooting method

1. The voltage of the seam welding machine is not controlled during operation. The possible reason is that the rectifier component or the control part is damaged. These components need to be studied, inspected, and processed.

2. During the welding process of the seam welding machine, the iron core has strong vibration. This may be caused by loose screws or springs. Or the moving structure is damaged, then you need to tighten the screws or adjust the spring tension to repair the moving structure.

3. The energy storage nail of the seam welder is not strong enough. First of all, it must meet the welding range of the welder. There are several situations.

(1) The service life of the machine is too long, and the capacitor energy storage is insufficient.

(2) The design structure of the new machine is unreasonable, resulting in incomplete welding. At this time, the new machine design needs to be judged from the beginning.

(3) The machine suddenly cannot be welded, and the welding torch wire may be broken. Either a connection point is loose or it is caused by improper worker operation. Need to deal with these points based on actual conditions.

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