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Automatic Welding Equipment

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For the maintenance of the industrial robot itself, the key is the cleaning and inspection of the robot, the lubrication of the reducer, and the detection of the shaft braking system of the robot.

Automatic welding

(1) The base and arm of the robot must always be cleaned on time. If organic solvents are used, strong organic solvents such as toluene should be prevented. High-pressure cleaning equipment can also be applied, but immediate spray to the robot should be prevented. To avoid static induction, do not scrub with a dry towel. Hollow wrists, if necessary, must be cleaned as necessary to prevent the deposition of dust and fine particles. Wash with a non-ball fabric. After cleaning, you can add a small amount of glycerol or similar chemicals to the surface of the wrist to facilitate subsequent cleaning.

(2) The inspection of the manipulator includes checking whether the foot bolts in various places are loose or slipping; whether it is easy to get rid of the position; whether the transmission is complete; whether the computer operating system security maintenance and safety devices are convenient and reliable; Check the machinery and equipment for resistance to corrosion, smashing, pulling away and seepage, water, electricity, etc., the surrounding floor cleaning, neatness, no oil stains, dirt, etc .; check the condition of the moisturizing, and regularly perform the specified addition of qualitative and quantitative analysis grease.

(3) The inspection of the shaft braking system of the industrial manipulator is to make sure whether the braking system is in normal operation. Because in the operation process, the motor braking system of each axis is all damaged, it is necessary to carry out the inspection. The measurement method is as follows:

a. Operate the manipulator shaft to the opposite part, and the total weight and total load of the manipulator at that part shall reach the highest value (large static data load);

b. The motor is powered off;

c. Check whether all axes are kept at the origin. If the robot does not change parts when the motor is powered off, the braking torque is sufficient. The manipulator can also be moved to check whether further safeguard measures are needed.

When the mobile industrial robot is terminated in an emergency, the braking system will assist in the termination, which will cause damage. Industrial production has previously become a development and growth module that drives economic development and talents. Replacement of manual services and asset upgrades has substantially improved the market for active industrial equipment sales in China.

Automatic welding

It is possible that in China's industrial robots, the active space of special planes and the non-responsive control management system sales market has exceeded 100 billion yuan. High-quality sales market conditions balance the rich talent market prospects for new project supply and demand. The active welding equipment new project owner Zhu Zong participated in the investment and financing industry at the end of July 2014. According to the concept of the investment and financing industry service platform, Mr. Cui and Mr. Sun, their market competition partners, may have industrial production in China. Machine welding machine automatic welding equipment at the current stage of assets before the current time of 400,000, robot welding asset side also balances the supply and demand of new projects requiring industrial plants.

In our country's new market economy system software, we work for a large number of companies to supply and demand a real investment and finance to meet the company's requirements for talent, which is the use value of the investment and financing industry.

This successful example originated from a new project of a company. "The investment and financial community is a very good service platform. I can recommend it to my lover next to me. Good special tools must be shared with experts." Say.

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