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Characteristics and advantages of straight seam welder

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Straight seam welding machines include horizontal seam welding machines and vertical seam welding machines. Horizontal welding machine is suitable for welding the fuel tank of motor vehicles and the bottom of the oil cylinder, and vertical seam welding machine is suitable for welding the cylinder side. If seam welding is successful, the welding must be tight and tight, and no oil or water can be leaked.

Therefore, the output of the transformer of the seam welding machine must not be small, and because the seam welding is continuous welding, the transformer and the welding wheel must be tested, otherwise it is very easy to be damaged. I plant the factory wholesale, there is no distributor, the quality is guaranteed to really make customers buy with peace of mind and comfort! At present, there are many counterfeit and fake products in the sales market.

The basic principle of the direct welding machine and the equipment of the direct welding machine can be said to be a ballast of power, divided into positive and negative, when the AC current is input, after the transformer changes the voltage, and then by the ballast transformer, the output has Reduce the external characteristics of the switching power supply, the output end causes a great change in operating voltage when it is connected and disconnected. Both sides ignite the electric isolation in the event of a short-circuit fault, and use the electric isolation to melt the stainless steel electrodes and consumables. After cooling, do what you want them to do. Welding transformers have their own characteristics. The external characteristic is that the working voltage drops sharply after the welding wire is ignited.

Straight seam welding machine

First, the key features of straight seam welding equipment:

1.The moving piano key compaction structure is closely sorted along the two sides of the straight seam to ensure that the butt welds are evenly compacted within the entire welding length range; the interval between the upper and lower piano keys can be adjusted;

2. The cantilever structure is used for the connection server. The two cantilever beams are welded and annealed to resolve the in-situ stress to ensure that the load-bearing beam is not deformed for a long time.

3. According to the thin and thick specifications of steel parts, gas or cylinder type can be selected to ensure sufficient pressing force and avoid thermal expansion during the entire welding process;

4. The welding mandrel is inlaid with copper tires, showing the welding back-gas maintenance function; different welding technology grooves are used according to the production and processing of the head or tablet computer steel parts, and the single-sided and double-sided welding are formed;

5. The DC servo motor driver and rack drive system are used for walking. The rail surface is cut and processed to ensure stable walking and reliable welding.

6. There are respiratory tracts and cables placed in the cable towline, the appearance is clean, tidy and beautiful, and prevent the cable from disconnecting. 7. Straight seam welding of drums, cones, and splicing machines for various metal materials such as stainless steel plates / stainless steel 201 / cold rolled steel plates / hot-dip galvanized plates / aluminum / copper. The welding quality is stable and the welding rate is steplessly adjustable.

Straight seam welding machine

Second, the advantages of direct welding machine welding:

1.Easy to use, can adjust the main parameters of welding over a long distance

2.Electrical isolation is stable, splash is small, welding current output is stable, and welding is beautiful and generous

3. Low power consumption output power, three-phase output, low energy consumption, low noise, high efficiency of energy saving and environmental protection.

4. There are many product applications, which can be applied to round steel pipes, cables, aluminum, copper, and rare metals.

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