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What are the common spot welding machine failures? How to improve spot welding machine welding

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When using an electric welding machine, there are also requirements for the use environment.It needs to be used in a place that is waterproof, moisture-proof, and sun-proof, and the electric welding machine is also prone to fire, so there must be fire protection equipment in the surroundings. Let me introduce you What are the common spot welding machine failures and ways to improve the welding efficiency of spot welding machines!

First, what are the common spot welding machine failures

1.Stepping on the pedal welding machine does not work, the power indicator is off

a.Check whether the power supply voltage control system is normal;

b.Check whether the contacts of the foot switch, the contacts of the AC contactor, and the split gear switch are in good contact or burned.

2.The power indicator is on, but the workpiece cannot be welded when it is compacted;

a.Check whether the foot switch of the spot welder is in good contact;

b.Check whether the pedal stroke is in place and the spring screw of the pressure lever is adjusted properly.

3.Unwanted splashing during spot welding

a.Check whether the adjustment switch is too high.

b.Check whether the electrode pressure is too low, check whether the electrode tip is seriously oxidized, and whether the welding procedure is correct.

4.Overheating of the spot welder

a.Check whether the water inlet pressure, water flow, and water supply temperature are appropriate, and whether the insulation resistance between the electrode holder and the body is bad, causing a local short circuit.

b.Check whether the water system is blocked by dirt, which may cause the electrode arms, electrode rods, and electrode tips to overheat due to poor cooling.

How to improve the welding efficiency of spot welders

1. Foot goal

The foot pedal can be used to control the welding head to move up, down, pause, and afterburner at various speeds.

2. Manipulation goals

You can control the product very smartly with both hands.

Eyesight goals

Accurately determine whether the wire is pressed correctly on the pad, and accurately remember the drop of the welding head.

The above is the related introduction of "How to improve the welding efficiency of spot welders?" I hope to help everyone. If you have more questions about spot welders, you can directly call our company or Add WeChat friends and ask questions!

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