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Common welding defects in automatic welding equipment and prevention strategies

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For automatic welding machines such as circular seam welding machines , we firmly believe that everyone who understands welding understands. This automatic welding machine has a wide range of applications, is easy to use, and can perform a variety of super difficult welding. Next, I will explain the automatic welding machine .

Automatic welding machine

Automatic circular seam welding machine is a universal automatic welding equipment that can perform various circular and circular welding. It can be used for high-quality welding of carbon steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel plate, aluminum and aluminum alloy, and can be selected from gas shielded welding, molten electrode vapor maintenance welding, low temperature plasma welding and other welding switch power supplies to form a complete set of circular seams. Fully automatic welding system software.

It can be widely used for welding of hydraulic cylinders, cart azimuth frames, rotating shafts, gas cylinders, chemical plants and diagnostic vessels, liquefied gas tanks, fire fighting equipment, drums and liquid cylinders for mining and production lines. Common casting defects of automatic welding equipment and their avoiding measures

First, vents.

When automatic welding equipment is used in all position welding, air vents are such a common problem. There are many reasons for this problem, such as the welding material itself, poor actual operation, and natural environment. Because of this, in order to reasonably avoid this problem, when performing welding, the maintenance of the steam should be improved, the welding temperature should not be too high, and the proportion and its relevant regulations should be strictly enforced to fill the steam to ensure that the purity of the filling exceeds the requirements .

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the natural environment around the welding site. If the wind in the construction site exceeds 8 meters per second, use a sand prevention shed to perform safety protection, and the relative humidity of the air must not be excessive. In addition, in order to keep the welding part dry, you can use a ring flame electric heater or an intermediate frequency induction heater to perform heating.

Automatic welding machine

Second, it is not fused.

In welding, the problem of non-fusion usually occurs in the vertical welding position. The reason for this problem is that the welding seam is not polished properly, the offset welding is not effective during welding, or the total width of the welding machine is insufficient. Because of this, during the entire welding process, the grinding and polishing of the weld seam should be polished and leveled as much as possible.

At the same time, before welding, the electrode is also carefully inspected to see if its total shaking width is appropriate. In addition, during the entire welding process, if you notice a deviation in the welding bath and the weld management center, you should immediately perform adjustments to prevent unfused problems.

The main control board selects the motion controller program controller as the key control module. According to customer requirements, all machines and equipment have strong intelligence and softness. It is a control board with higher grades, higher cost performance and credibility.

The control board can select a variety of manipulation output data signals to select and output sockets according to the welding process requirements. It has the characteristics of high schools with strong anti-interference, high credibility, stable speed change, convenient practical operation, and high level of automation technology, and can be widely used. Welding operation of circular welding steel.

Automatic welding machine

The above is about the relevant content of the automatic seam welding machine. The available range of automatic seam welding machine is wide, the welding scope is large, the travel schedule is long, and it has always been the favorite of welding workers.

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