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What are the components and precautions for using automatic welding machines?

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Automatic welding machine is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used by electric welding workers in factories. When using it, pay attention to safety, ensure that the welding machine is used in the correct way, and avoid some accidents caused by irregular operations in the construction site . Then let me tell you about the components of the automatic welding machine and the precautions in use:

Automatic welding machine

What are the components of an automatic welding machine?

1. Welding switching power supply, its power and welding characteristics should be consistent with the intended welding method, and equipped with sockets connected to the main control board.

2. The wire feeder and the software of the control and transmission system, which stipulates a high wire feeder for the linearity of the wire feed rate. The control loop of the wire feeder needs to be speed limited.

3. The automatic welding machine head uses its moving organization, which is composed of automatic welding machine head, automatic welding machine head support frame, suspension bracket, etc., and is located in the precision ultrasonic mold organization. Its drive system software should be equipped with coding Servo motor

4. Welding parts movement or displacement organization, such as welding roller frame, head and tail frame turning machine, rotary service platform and positioner, etc., precise movement displacement organization needs to be equipped with servo motor motor driver

5. Weldment clamping mechanism

6. The main controller, also known as the system software control board, is mainly used for the linkage operation of various components, the operation of the welding program flow, the setting, adjustment and display of key welding main parameters. When necessary, it can expand the operation of fault detection and man-machine swap.

7. Computer software, common computer software in automatic welding machines are: NC programming software, mobile phone software, processing technology mobile phone software and data management system, etc.

8. Ultrasonic mold-oriented or tracking organization, arc pressure automatic control board, welding machine pendulum and video monitoring system

9. Auxiliary equipment, such as wire feeding system software, cooling circulation water cooling system software, flux acquisition and transportation equipment, welding rod support racks, cable plastic hoses, and cable drag chains. 10. Robot welding, nicknamed mechanical arm, is the key component of automatic technology automatic welding machine. Its key tasks include welding, laser cutting, thermal spraying, and transportation.

Automatic welding machine

Second, the use of automatic welding machine matters needing attention

1. Various forms of solder wire methods, which are suitable for bump welding and drag welding (pull welding). All the main parameters of the processing technology of the automation technology solder wire machines and equipment can be set independently by the customer to incorporate a variety of ultra-hard solder wire work and Micro solder wire processing technology, all solder wire main parameters can be loaded and stored along with the spot welding coordinate program flow, maintaining flexible production of solder wire work.

2. The electric soldering iron parts can be adjusted at any angle and direction. The R axis of the electric soldering iron group can be rotated 360 degrees at will. The soldering frequency, heating time and solder wire can be freely set according to different pads and electronic components. Time, keep the complicated welding methods of a variety of spot welding on a board, and maintain a variety of solder wire work.

3. Four-axis / five-axis CNC machine tool arm, automation technology solder wire machine equipment all use servo motor driver and excellent fitness motion control system, reasonably improve the accuracy level and repetitive precision of the tail end of the fitness exercise-soldering iron head, and maintain 3D indoor Space random spot welding for precise and precise positioning.

Correct use is a necessary prerequisite for the operation. Safe personal security is an important guarantee for workers' work! Only with certain maintenance and attention to safety issues can we promote the efficiency of workers and the progress of the factory!

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