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Four-axis cantilever CNC welding machine

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Four-axis cantilever CNC welding machine
Four-axis cantilever CNC welding machine
I. Overview of Product Design Features and Working Conditions
1. Product features and uses:
XBH series special welding machine is an automatic welding equipment dedicated to batch special-shaped seam welding. It is mainly used for welding of various straight seams and ring seams such as continuous welding of corner seams and intermittent welding. It has accurate positioning, simple operation and welding molding. Good, beautiful welding seam.
This equipment adopts CO2 gas shielded welding, uses advanced numerical control welding system as the main control unit, and the drive motor uses stepper motor plus driver to make the welding seam reliable in quality, high in production efficiency and easy to operate. Not only improves efficiency and ensures stable welding quality during production, but also improves the operating environment.
2. Model: XBH-0301-Z
3. Equipment performance parameters:
1. Effective welding length: 3000mm
2. Effective welding width: 1000 mm
3. Effective height adjustment: 500 mm
4. Welding gun rotation angle: ± 360 °
5. Running speed: 20-4000mm / min stepless adjustable
6. Longitudinal and lateral driving meshing methods: both are non-gap meshing
Second, the main structural characteristics
The automatic welding machine adopts a cantilever structure, which is composed of a base, a cantilever beam, a welding torch lifting mechanism, a walking mechanism and a rotating mechanism, a manual three-dimensional fine-tuning mechanism, an electrical control cabinet and a straight handle welding torch.
Chassis and cantilever beams: Welded with profiles and annealed to relieve stress to ensure no deformation during long-term use.
Power part: This special machine uses stepper motor as the power output device, linear slide rail as the sliding unit, and completes the longitudinal and lateral travel of the equipment through the rack and pinion pair; the precision adjustment of the welding gun by the precision ball screw female pair; through the gear The vice completes the angular rotation of the welding gun.
Electrical control system: This automatic welding machine uses a four-axis linkage CNC system as the main control unit, and integrates the welding current, the welding voltage pointer display, and the welding machine manual control box control panel on the console to make it have corresponding adjustment functions. With "manual" and "automatic" selection function, manual participation can be performed in "manual" mode, and the welding machine can be completed automatically in "automatic" mode. And with: power on / off and indicating button; emergency stop button, emergency stop when an accident occurs.
Installation and commissioning
Site conditions
It should have 380V AC power supply and smooth and solid cement floor. The workshop should be dry and free of dust and corrosive gases.
2. Installation
1. Please read this instruction manual carefully before installation
2. The equipment is strictly prohibited from overturning and upside down.
3. Before using the device, you must connect the ground wire at the "grounding mark"
4. When lifting the workpiece, violent lifting is strictly prohibited to prevent damage to the frame and other internal components. It may also cause the equipment to overturn if the machine tool base is not fixed!
5. For equipment lubrication point description, please refer to the “Equipment Lubrication and Maintenance” section of this instruction.
3. Commissioning
1. Carefully check whether the above installation content is correct and firm
2. Turn on the power and test whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct and whether each transmission mechanism is flexible and stable.
Updated: 2013-8-3

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