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Multifunctional track automatic welding machine

Jinan Funis Welding Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, design, manufacturing and technical service of automatic welding equipment in China. Its main products are automatic welding equipment such as automatic welding machines, welding positioners and welding roller frames.
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Multifunctional track automatic welding machine
Product details
GJH Multi-function Track Automatic Welding Machine
One. Structure Introduction
This machine adopts a vertical structure. The workpiece is installed on a rotatable tool. Multiple workpieces can be clamped at one time. One can be welded and replaced one without stopping. The welding gun can be adjusted. It consists of a workbench, a control cabinet, a welding torch X-axis travel mechanism, a welding torch Y-axis travel mechanism, a welding torch Z-axis travel mechanism, and tooling fixtures (see picture). The rotation of the tooling and the walking of the welding torch are performed by the PLC system controlling the servo motor. All operations are performed through the panel on the control cabinet.
two. work process
1. Install the workpiece to be welded on the rotatable tooling station;
2. Adjust the welding gun to the welding position through the X-axis walking mechanism and Y-axis walking mechanism;
3. Start the welding button, the welding torch is lowered, at the same time press the workpiece, execute the PLC program instructions, and perform linear or circular motions;
4. After the welding of the first workpiece is completed, the welding torch is stopped and lifted. The rotatable tool can be rotated to the next station, and the welding torch will automatically fall. At the same time, the workpiece will be compressed and the PLC program will be executed to perform linear or circular motions. Stop. In the working process, when one workpiece is welded, another unwelded workpiece can be replaced;
three. Features
1. The multi-functional automatic welding machine is a compact, inexpensive, simple and convenient operation that can complete the continuous welding of various points, straight lines, circles, circles, rectangles, squares, intersecting lines, various curves and other trajectories. Special automatic welding equipment;
2. The control system adopts PLC programmable control;
3. According to the user's requirements, the function of the equipment can be adjusted by modifying the programs and parameters of the control software to realize the welding of points, straight lines, circles, semicircles, segmented multi-section arcs, and circular welds. Strong intelligence and flexibility;
4. The slewing mechanism is driven by a servo motor, and the welding speed can be adjusted steplessly; the welding speed is displayed by the touch screen on the control panel;
5. Using independent speed regulation circuit, the overlap amount of welding seam can be preset digitally, and the welding gun can be reset at high speed after welding. Various control output signal selections and output interfaces can be adopted according to welding process requirements. It has strong anti-interference and reliability. High speed, stable speed regulation, easy operation and high degree of automation.
Updated: 2012-8-14

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