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.如果您订购的产品有如下问题,在收到产品二周内,我们无条件退、换该产品。 1. If the product you ordered has the following problems, within two weeks of receiving the product, we will unconditionally return or exchange the product.
(1) The ordered product does not meet the order requirements;
(2) The product you received has defects that cannot be repaired;
.专业的售后服务人员,完善的服务管理体系,充足的零部件库存,确保您使用产品无后顾之忧。 2. Professional after-sales service personnel, perfect service management system, sufficient spare parts inventory to ensure that you have no worries about using the product.
.在接到报修电话或者在线报修后,我们的售后服务工程师会立即与您取得联系,如果电话中无法帮助您解决问题,我们的售后服务工程师会立即赶付现场,本地区的24小时内解决故障,非本地区的最长不超过3天。 3. After receiving the repair call or online repair, our after-sales service engineer will get in touch with you immediately. If the phone can't help you solve the problem, our after-sales service engineer will promptly pay the scene, within 24 hours in this area For troubleshooting, the maximum time for non-local areas is no more than 3 days.
.保修期内,免费上门维修;保质期外有偿维护、维修,只收最低成本费用。 4. During the warranty period, free on-site repairs; paid maintenance and repairs outside the warranty period, only the lowest cost.

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