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Microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machine

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Microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machine

Electronic universal testing machine, digital display hydraulic universal testing machine, microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine

I. Product Introduction:
WDW-200 microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine is a new generation of electronic universal testing machine developed by the company. The main body of the testing machine is a floor structure. It consists of an upper beam, a middle beam (also called a mobile beam) and a workbench. It is connected by 4 thick columns to form a frame structure. The surface is painted with orange and bright gray plastic (DuPont powder). The big red decorative strip of the same material has the characteristics of high detection accuracy, stable performance, reliable quality, beautiful appearance and convenient operation.
The computer controls the rotation of the AC servo motor through the speed control system. After the deceleration system decelerates, the high-precision ball screw pair drives the moving beam to rise and fall to complete the stretching, compression, bending, shearing and tearing of metal and non-metal samples. And analysis of mechanical properties such as peeling and peeling. Can automatically obtain ReH, ReL, Rp0.2, Fm, Rt0.5, Rt0.6, Rt0.65, Rt0.7, Rm, E and other test parameters, and according to GB, ISO, DIN, ASTM, JIS, etc. Tests and data provided by international standards. This model can be designed with dual space or single space. Pollution-free, low noise, high efficiency, with a very wide speed range and crossbeam moving distance. It is mainly used for testing steel, cast iron, steel wire, aluminum alloy, copper, titanium alloy, wire and cable, etc. It is an ideal testing equipment for factories and mines, power towers, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, quality supervision and other industries.
The tester uses AC servo speed control system and AC servo motor with high speed regulation accuracy and stable performance as the drive system; database technology-based control and data processing software using Windows7 and 8 as the operating platform uses virtual instrument technology instead of traditional The digital tube and oscilloscope realize the screen display of test force, peak test force, beam displacement, sample deformation and test curve. All test operations can be completed by mouse input on the computer screen, with a good human-machine interface. , Easy to operate; the dual-channel full digital program-controlled amplifier inserted in the PC realizes the true zeroing and calibration of physical zeroing, gain adjustment, and test force measurement in the true sense, without any analog adjustment links, and the control circuit is highly integrated It completely eliminates mechanical adjustment devices such as potentiometers, with simple structure and reliable performance.
two. Applicable standards:
GB / T 16491-2008 "Electronic Universal Testing Machine";
GB / T228.1-2010 "tensile test of metallic materials-Part 1 room temperature test method";
GB / T 7314-2005 "Compression test method for metallic materials"
GB / T 14452-93 "Bend test method for metallic materials"
Applicable standards of this testing machine: GB, JIS, ISO, ASTM, DIN, etc .;
This testing machine is packed and transported according to GB / T13384-2013 standard;
3. The main composition and characteristics:
1 Host : This part is composed of a worktable, a middle beam, an upper beam, a guide post, and a cover. Beautiful shape, safe and reliable, and ensure the host has sufficient rigidity and high coaxiality and other operating accuracy indicators.
2 Safety: It has the functions of limit protection of beam displacement, overload protection, and shutdown protection to make it safe and reliable to use.
3 Transmission system: The AC speed control system controls the AC servo to control the motor rotation. After the deceleration system decelerates, the high-precision ball screw pair drives the moving beam to rise and fall to complete the tensile, compression, bending and other mechanical properties of the sample. test. The high-precision precision ball screw has stable loading, high efficiency, no noise in rolling transmission power, and high positioning accuracy. The arc toothed synchronous belt deceleration system has high efficiency, long life, low noise, maintenance-free, and no gap between the upper and lower beams. advantage.
4 Test parameter measurement and control system: WindowsXP, Win7 Chinese working platform, full digital PC control card combined with computer integration technology, with multiple units such as dual channel signal amplification, multi-channel I / O, photoelectric displacement system, etc., making full use of Many software and hardware resources of the computer system, the system is reliable, and the technology is advanced.
5 FTS precision test test system
The Lenovo computer is used as the main control machine to complete the test setup, working state control, data acquisition, calculation processing, display and print test results and other functions. It is equipped with a Windows 7 and 8 Chinese version of the intelligent software package for the test machine. National standards, international standards or user-provided standards measure and judge various performance parameters of various material test pieces, and perform statistics and processing of test data; then output test reports and characteristic curve patterns in various required formats.
1. Automatic clearing: the main control computer receives the test start instruction, and the measurement system is cleared automatically;
2. Automatic return: after the sample is automatically identified, the movable beam will return to the initial position automatically at high speed;
3. Automatic shifting: Automatically switch to the appropriate range according to the load to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data;
4. Automatic saving: The test data and test conditions are automatically saved to prevent data loss caused by sudden power failure or forgetting to save the file;
5. Automatic speed change: During the test, the speed of the beam can be changed automatically according to a preset program or manually.
6. Automatic calibration: the system can automatically achieve the accuracy calibration of the displayed value;
7. Test process: The test process and measurement, display, analysis, etc. are all completed by a computer;
8. Test software: Chinese Windows 8 user interface, menu prompts, mouse selection operation is simple and convenient;
9. Display mode: The data and curve are dynamically displayed with the test process;
10. Results reproduction: test results can be accessed at will, and data curves can be reanalyzed;
11. Curve traversal: After the test is completed, the mouse can find the point-by-point force value and deformation data of the test curve, and it is convenient and practical to obtain the test parameters of various materials;
12. Comparison of results: The characteristic curves of multiple samples can be superimposed, reproduced, and locally enlarged in different colors to achieve the analysis and comparison of a group of samples;
13. Batch test: For samples with the same parameters, a batch of samples can be tested in succession after one set;
14. Test report: The test report can be programmed and printed in the format required by the user.
4. Main technical indicators
1. Maximum test force: 200kN;
2. Test force measurement range: 0.4% to 100% FS (maximum force);
3. Relative error of test force indication: ≤ ± 1%;
4. Test force resolution: 1/300000 of maximum test force;
5. Deformation measurement accuracy: ± 1%;
6. Deformation measurement range: 0.4% ~ 100% FS;
7. Relative error of displacement measurement: ± 1%;
8. Resolution of displacement measurement: 0.01mm.
9. Adjustable range of displacement speed: 0.05 ~ 300mm / min, stepless speed regulation;
10. Speed accuracy: ± 0.5%;
11. Stretching clamp Round rod clamping range: Φ9 ~ Φ14
12. Compression Upper pressure head: Φ120 Lower pressure plate: Φ120
13.Test space width 600
14.Maximum distance between chucks mm 550
15.Equipment size mm 2380 × 1100 × 820
16.Equipment weight kg 1500
17, the whole machine power ≤ 3KW
18. Power supply / power 3 phases and 5 wires and good ground, AC / 380V / 50Hz / 2KW,
AC / 220V / 50Hz / 0.4KW
19. Extended configuration Users can choose hydraulic clamping jigs of 8,000 yuan / set according to their needs;
Fives. Structure and principle
1. The main machine is a portal-type prestressed frame. The upper beam and table are connected with 4 columns, with high axial rigidity and long service life. The transmission is stable, the response is fast, and the noise is low [60dB (A) or less]
2. Servo unit adopts all-digital AC servo motor and driver, with wide speed range and high precision; equipped with FINE-M mobile control box, which is convenient for mobile beam adjustment;
3. Open data connection interface, which can realize closed-loop control of load, deformation, displacement, speed, etc., to control constant load, constant deformation, constant displacement, uniform stress rate, uniform strain rate, and constant speed in a multi-step manner. During the test, No shock conversion between the three methods;
4. With automatic zero adjustment, automatic calibration and other functions;
5. With protection functions such as overload, over-stroke, over-voltage, over-current and over-heating;
6. Select force-time, force-displacement, force-deformation, displacement-time, deformation-time and other curves; and switch in time during the test, and automatically adjust the coordinates during the test to ensure the curve is intuitive and complete. The test data can be collected in real time, the curve can be drawn, the curve can be locally enlarged or reduced, and the test curve can be printed out;
7. The display curve is continuous, smooth, and suitable thickness. The curve coordinates and coordinate marks are clear. It can be compared with the test curve of the group.
8. Test results can be accessed arbitrarily, and the curve can be reanalyzed; including data recalculation and curve reproduction; etc. The original test data and test results can be output to excel and printed reports; the control parameters can be set by themselves to achieve automatic program run;
9. The software package can be designed according to (such as: GB, ISO, DIN, ASTMD, JISK, etc.). In addition to supporting the functions mentioned above, it can also provide various complex data processing functions and special control functions.
six. Main configuration
Serial number
Electronic universal testing machine host
1 set
Jinan New Century Test Technology Co., Ltd.
1 set
Jinan New Century Test Technology Co., Ltd.
AC servo system
1 set
Hangzhou Jiugu
AC servo motor
1 set
Hangzhou Jiugu
Manual control box
Jinan New Century Test Technology Co., Ltd.
Ball screw
2 pay
Taiwan ABBA
Lenovo brand computer
Mainstream configuration
1 set
Lenovo Group
Inkjet printer
1 set
Hewlett-Packard Company
High-precision load sensor
Motion detector
Jinan Yuguang
Stretching fixture
1 pay
Jinan New Century Test Technology Co., Ltd.
Compression fixture
1 pay
Jinan New Century Test Technology Co., Ltd.
Test software and CD
1 set
Jinan New Century Test Technology Co., Ltd.
Technical Information
Manual, etc.
1 set
Jinan New Century Test Technology Co., Ltd.
Seven: After- sales service:
1. One year warranty and lifetime service
2. Free training of 1-2 operators for users.
3. Make a written plan for after-sales service for the user within 12 hours and notify the user.
4. Upgrade test software for users free of charge, and offer extended test functions for users.
5. Attachments purchased by the company's users from the company are only charged for materials, not postage and management fees.
Updated: 2013-1-11

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