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Chuck type scaffolding automatic welding machine

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Chuck type scaffolding automatic welding machine
I. Product Design Features Overview and Parameters
1. Product use:
This horizontal circular seam welding machine is mainly used for welding outer ring seams of scaffold pipes and flanges. It has the characteristics of accurate positioning, simple operation, good welding formation and beautiful welding seams.
2. Equipment performance parameters:
Pipe diameter: φ48, φ60 mm
Applicable workpiece length: 1500 mm
Workpiece wall thickness: 1.5-3.0 mm
Workpiece rotation speed: 0.24-8 rpm
Effective adjustment of welding torch: 150 mm
3. Equipment applicable workpiece conditions and working environment:
Working conditions
Ø Ambient air temperature range: -25 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Ø Relative air humidity: when the average daily temperature is not greater than 25 ℃, the average maximum relative humidity in the wettest month is 90%
Ø Grid voltage fluctuation: within ± 10% (when grid frequency is rated value)
Ø Frequency fluctuation of power grid: ≤ ± 1% (when grid voltage is rated value)
Working environment
The equipment should be placed in an explosive or corrosive industrial gas, water vapor, salt spray and chemical deposits without serious hazards or affecting the normal use of the equipment, and should be kept away from severe vibration or bumps.
Installation and commissioning
Site conditions
It should have 380V AC power supply and smooth and solid cement floor. The plant should be dry and free of corrosive gases.
2. Installation
① The equipment is strictly prohibited to overturn and invert
② Before using the equipment, the ground wire must be connected to the "grounding mark"
③ When lifting the workpiece, violent lifting is strictly prohibited to prevent damage to the frame and other internal components. It may also cause the equipment to overturn if the machine tool base is not fixed!
④ Fix the equipment with expansion bolts
3. Commissioning
① Carefully check whether the above installation content is correct and firm
② Turn on the power and test whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct and whether the transmission mechanisms are flexible and stable.
Use and operation:
1. Manually fix the flange to be welded on the positioning axis of the spindle box connecting plate, and then place the pipe to be welded on the roller bracket (adjust the height of the roller bracket in advance), and then the pneumatic jacking mechanism automatically lifts the workpiece. tight.
2. Program setting debugging
startup screen:
Click to enter the mechanical parameter interface, and our factory adjusts the mechanical parameters of the equipment.
Note: The mechanical parameters have been adjusted by our factory before leaving the factory. Customers should not adjust it at will.
Please set the processing parameters, speed and delay settings first.
Click on the startup screen to enter the processing parameter setting interface, and the equipment user can adjust the parameters according to the welding workpiece.
Processing parameter interface:
Method: Press the button, the setting value will flash, the top right of the selection operation screen has 0
—9's numeric keys and left and right direction keys (shift) Press ENT key to confirm.
The parameters that need to be set are:
Workpiece radius r, welding angle, workpiece welding speed v, if overlap is required, please enter the degree of overlap! To complete the setting, press the exit button.
Click on the startup screen to enter the speed setting interface, and the equipment user can adjust the parameters according to the welding situation.
Speed setting interface:
Click on the startup screen to enter the manual debugging interface:
Click on the start-up screen to enter the delay setting parameter interface, and the equipment user can adjust the parameters according to the welding workpiece.
3. Press the foot switch, and the pneumatic jacking part pushes the tip to the other end of the workpiece to tighten the workpiece.
In addition, the operation box is also provided with start, emergency stop, jog backward, jog forward, gun 1 off / on, gun 2 off / on, and gun 1 and gun 2 can be controlled separately.
Fourth, matters needing attention:
1. Before welding the workpiece, the surface oxide layer, dirt, oil, rust and other spots must be cleaned. The trajectory of the welding torch must be adjusted to prepare for welding.
2. Grounding must be reliable.
3 Frequently check whether the connecting bolts everywhere are loose, and if they are found, tighten them in time.
5. The triplet on the gas path is drained every day and replenished in time.
6. Pay attention to keep the welding wire clean, do not pollute, and do not use contaminated welding wire.
7. If it is found that the working procedure is incorrect, the manufacturer should be immediately notified to send someone for repair, and the user cannot repair it by himself.
V. Basic production and equipment installation and commissioning
1. The equipment source should be prepared by the buyer.
2. The equipment foundation shall be provided with drawings by the supplier, and the purchaser shall construct according to the drawings.
3. Equipment installation shall be guided by the supplier.
4. The supplier is responsible for equipment debugging and operation training.
6. After- sales service and technical support of the supplier:
1. Provide a full range of technical support and technical training before the demander uses and during the installation and commissioning process, to ensure that the operator of the demander can control the operation of the machine and the use of the welding machine. The whole machine can be operated normally and simple faults can be repaired.
2. The warranty period of the equipment host is one year. During the warranty period, the equipment fails, and the supplier arrives at the buyer in time for repair within 48 hours.
3.Provide the following factory data for free
a) Install a set of basic drawings;
b) 1 set of special machine manuals;
c) 1 special shipment list;
d) 1 certificate of each special plane;
Figure 1.Outline drawing of equipment
Figure 2.Electrical schematic diagram, wiring diagram
Updated: 2015-3-19

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