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Working principle, using steps and operation method of straight seam welding machine

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Straight seam welding machine belongs to an automatic welding equipment, which can use different processing techniques according to different processed parts. As long as it is within its welding length, there is not much requirement for size. It also has the advantages of long-term use and no deformation when heated. Mechanical products should be regularly maintained so as not to shorten their life. During use, it should be operated according to requirements and specifications to ensure safety.

First, the working principle of straight seam welding machine

1. The cantilever structure is adopted. The two cantilever beams are annealed and destressed after welding to ensure that the beams do not deform for a long time.

2. Pneumatic key-type compression structure, closely arranged along both sides of the straight seam, to ensure that the butt welds are evenly compressed throughout the entire welding length. The pitch of the left and right key press fingers can be adjusted to suit the welding of different workpieces.

3. According to the thickness of the workpiece, an airbag type or a cylinder type can be used to ensure sufficient pressing force to prevent thermal deformation during the welding process.

4. The welding mandrel is inlaid with copper tires to provide backgas protection for the weld. According to the cylinder or flat workpiece, different welding process slots are processed to achieve single-sided welding and double-sided molding.

5. The distance between the welding mandrel and the key press fingers can be adjusted to meet the welding requirements of different workpieces.

6. The welding torch is driven by a DC servo motor and driven by a rack and pinion. The track surface is processed by grinding to ensure smooth running and stable and reliable welding.

7. All air pipes and cables are placed in the towline, and the appearance is neat and beautiful, while avoiding cable breaks.

Use steps and operation methods

1. Take the workpiece into the workpiece device of the main beam and align the two sides of the welding surface.

2. Press the start button or press the foot switch to start welding.

3. Remove the bow and arrow and check whether the welding is firm. If there are welding problems, the parameters can be adjusted appropriately.

4. If none of the above problems occur, you can start to repeat the secondary welding.

5. When welding, the position of the electrode rod should be adjusted first, so that the electrode arms are kept parallel to each other when the electrode is just pressed against the weldment.

6. The selection of the number of current adjustment switches can be selected according to the thickness and material of the weldment. After the power is turned on, the power indicator should be on. The pressure of the electrode can be adjusted by adjusting the spring pressure nut and changing its compression degree.

7. After completing the above adjustments, you can turn on the cooling water before turning on the power to prepare for welding. The procedure of the welding process: the welding piece is placed between two electrodes, step on the foot pedal, and the upper electrode is in contact with the welding piece and pressurized. When the foot pedal is further depressed, the power contact switch is turned on, so that the transformer starts to work and the secondary circuit is energized to heat the weldment. When the pedal is released after welding for a certain period of time, the electrode rises. The power of the spring is used to cut off the power and then return to the original state. The single-point welding process is over.

8. Weldment preparation and assembly: Before welding the steel weldment, all dirt, oil, scale and rust must be removed. For hot rolled steel. Then, the welded area is first washed by pickling, sand blasting or using a grinding wheel to remove the oxide scale. Although uncleaned weldments can be spot welded, the service life of the electrodes is severely reduced, while the production efficiency and quality of spot welding are reduced. Welding can be directly applied to medium and low carbon steel with thin coating.

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