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What are the technical characteristics of large-size straight seam steel pipes?

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Because the straight-through specifications of large-size arc-welded straight seam steel pipes are too large, apart from large and medium-sized hot-extruded generator sets and large and medium-sized pipe jacking equipment groups with low efficiency, it is no longer possible to apply the fully automatic high frequency that people know The welding unit immediately came to production.

Straight seam steel pipe

As a result, three types of diameter expansion technologies, pull-type expansion, push-type expansion, and turntable expansion, have appeared. At this stage, most manufacturers in the world are applying these three technologies to produce large-size straight seam steel pipes.

1. Pull-type diameter-expanding technology The pull-type diameter-expanding generator set was created in France in the 30th century of the new century, and then used by Spain and the Netherlands.

There are only 6 sets left in the world at this stage, which are shabby and outdated production processes. The production process is described in detail below: thousands of tons of machinery and equipment, hundreds of millions of yuan in property, and annual sales of 50,000 tons. In the production process, the end of the raw material pipe must be thermally expanded into an eversion cone after being heated for fixing the stationary pipe body. Then, the tube body is generally heated, and a mandrel that has been inserted into the raw material tube and equipped with an endometrium is driven by a transmission chain to expand the diameter.

2. Rotary diameter expansion technology The rotary diameter expansion machine is also called disc brake tube expansion equipment. Its name comes from its two large, straight and similar disk-shaped rolls that are placed in a skewed direction. The expansion rate of this machine and equipment reaches 70% at one time, which is the largest expansion unit in the world at this stage. This machine is basically developed and renovated in Spain in the 90s of the new century.

3. Pushing and expanding diameter technology This model was created and invented by France in the 50th century of the new century. The model of bent tube pushing machine was transferred from Japan to China in the early and mid-80s. Up to 1997, it has obtained the patent right to update and improve in China. It has been named as a two-step hydraulic press propelling pipe expander. The basic principle of the machine is simple enough to use a hydraulic push plate to cover the fixed and expanded cone mandrel. The hot raw material tube is pushed through the expanding cone to carry out the expanding production process.

Straight seam steel pipe

Up to now, the two-step propelling tube expander --- China's jack-up and diameter-expanding model has been together for 10 years since its introduction. He has already accepted and gained universal marketing for everyone. The two-step propelling tube expansion technology Made outstanding contributions to the seamless steel pipe manufacturing industry in China.

Stainless steel sheet automatic welding machine can perform head seam straight seam with thickness of 0.5-6mm, tablet computer connection, tapered cylinder universal automatic welding equipment. It can be connected with tablet computer or steel chain, towerless water supply equipment, straight seam welding, high pressure vessel, etc. Fully automatic straight seam welding of steel parts.

(1) Pneumatic piano key pressing structure, inseparable sorting along both sides of straight seam, pneumatic pressing.

(2) The welding machine is fully automatic walking along the straight seam, and the welding machine is fully improved. The pneumatic type releases the piano keys and removes the steel parts.

(3) The welding source can be argon arc welding machine, co2 gas shielded welding machine, plasma welding machine, submerged arc welding machine. The full name of this type of machinery and equipment is the vertical seam welding machine or the straight seam welding machine.

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