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Classification and characteristics of straight seam welding machine

作者:直缝焊机 时间:2019-09-27 16:07 Source: tobestinfo.com Author: straight seam welder Time: 2019-09-27 16:07

Lifting the straight seam welding machine may be a bit strange to our ordinary employees, but it is a familiar device for electric welding workers. The straight seam welding machine can be divided into straight seam automatic welding machine, automatic argon arc welding machine, stainless steel automatic Welders, etc .. The following editors explain the characteristics of these types of straight seam welders:

Straight seam welding machine

First, straight seam automatic welding machine

The key features of the straight seam automatic welding machine are: The straight seam automatic welding machine is such a high-quality, high-efficiency, non-deformation wall thickness 0.5mm-6mm thick-walled head, tapered cylinder, tablet computer or square box with one mouth open. Universal automatic welding equipment for body joint longitudinal seam welding.

It can be used for high-quality welding of carbon steel, high-alloy steel, stainless steel plate, aluminum and aluminum alloy, and can choose welding power supply such as gas shielded welding, molten electrode vapor maintenance welding, low temperature plasma welding, arc welding, etc. Complete set of software for automatic welding of longitudinal seams.

(1) The cantilever wall structure is used for the welding server, and the two cantilever beams are welded and annealed to relieve the in-situ stress to ensure that the load-bearing beam does not deform for a long time;

(2) Pneumatic key-type clamping structure, inseparably sorted along the two sides of the straight seam, to ensure that the butt welds are evenly clamped within the entire range of welding length; the interval between the upper and lower key pressure fingers can be adjusted to incorporate different steel parts welding;

(3) According to the thin and thick specifications of steel parts, gas or cylinder type can be selected to ensure sufficient clamping force and avoid thermal expansion during the entire welding process;

(4) The welding mandrel is inlaid with copper tires, showing the welding back-gas maintenance effect; different welding methods are used for the production of heads or tablet computer steel parts, which are more than one-sided and two-sided welding.

(5) The interval between the welding mandrel and the piano key press finger is adjustable, which can be integrated into different steel welding regulations.

Straight seam welding machine

Second, automatic argon arc welding machine

Automatic argon arc welding machine is an automatic welding machine that uses argon as a maintenance technology to protect the gas and protect the outside gas from co2. It can be used for longitudinal seam welding, circumferential seam welding, and irregular steel welding.

Fully automatic argon arc seam welding pick-up is mainly used for stainless steel plates, iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials such as barrels and jigsaw methods. Good and beautiful.

(1) Pneumatic clamping equipment is selected to increase the casing presser foot to ensure the safety factor and the accuracy of the clamping equipment.

(2) The backing can be adjusted and selected according to the thickness of the welding material

(3) The backing can ensure the smooth vapor maintenance, single-sided welding and double-sided molding. The vertical welding movement is driven by the speed-limiting DC motor, and the movement is stable.

(4) The welding machine can be pneumatically and automatically positioned accurately, and it can also be manually adjusted according to the cross-rail guide slider.

Straight seam welding machine

Three, stainless steel automatic welding machine

Stainless steel sheet automatic welding machine can perform head seam straight seam with thickness of 0.5-6mm, tablet computer connection, tapered cylinder universal automatic welding equipment. It can be connected with tablet computer or steel chain, towerless water supply equipment, straight seam welding, high pressure vessel, etc. Fully automatic straight seam welding of steel parts.

(1) Pneumatic piano key clamping structure, inseparably sorted along both sides of the straight seam, pneumatic clamping.

(2) The welding machine is fully automatic walking along the straight seam, and the welding machine is fully improved.

(3) The welding source can be argon arc welding machine, co2 gas shielded welding machine, plasma welding machine, submerged arc welding machine.

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