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Brief introduction of the type of welding machine and its related advantages

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In modern life, welders are definitely one of the insignificant but powerful machines. Because from the transportation industry to the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry, for the connection of parts, we must use a welding machine to connect the various parts. Let's take a closer look at "A brief introduction to the types of welding machines and their related advantages".

[What are the spot welding machines for automobile body welding]

There are three main types of spot welding machines used for automobile body welding: ordinary spot welding machines, multi-spot welding machines and spot welding robots.

Ordinary spot welding machine is a universal spot welding equipment suitable for various occasions and various welding objects, and is also the main equipment that forms the automatic production line of automobile welding. Auto welding assembly line is different according to its annual production program and annual output. Each production line needs dozens to hundreds of ordinary spot welding machines. Ordinary spot welders are divided into mobile spot welders and fixed spot welders according to the structure and application of the machine; mobile spot welders are divided into hanging spot welders and portable spot welders according to their structures. machine.

Multi-spot welding machine is a special welding equipment designed and manufactured for welding specific workpieces. Its advantages are high production efficiency, suitable for large-volume single-type production, suitable for welding structures with complex shapes, dense welding points, small joints, Difficult to operate, welding quality is difficult to guarantee and other factors. The disadvantage is that the equipment investment is large and the specificity is strong. It will gradually be replaced by a combination of welding robots and corresponding tooling fixtures. In addition to welding various vehicle components, the multi-spot welding machine is also used in various thin metal component manufacturing industries such as household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, steel furniture, transportation facilities, and plate radiators.

Regardless of whether it is international or domestic, the development of robots has been accelerating in recent years, the application fields have become wider and wider, new technologies have been continuously adopted, and the number of robots has been increasing. Robots used in automobile factories are mainly used for handling, welding, coating and assembly. The amount of water used by robots in the four processes of stamping, welding, painting and final assembly of an automobile factory represents the level of automation and modernization of the factory. It is common for unmanned automobile factories using robots in foreign countries to gradually become the mainstream, which will also be the inevitable product and development direction of the domestic automobile industry to a certain stage.

The application robot can not only perform complex process operations and adapt to harsh working environments, but also replace bulky, monotonous, repetitive manual physical labor to ensure product quality, improve work efficiency, save energy, produce safely, eliminate all factors that artificially affect product quality, and quickly The formation of a flexible production system is particularly suitable for the needs of new product development and multi-variety production. The product can be changed quickly, the cycle is short, and the strain capacity is strong.

No matter what type of spot welding machine, its structure is composed of three major parts: power supply and control device (solder resistance controller), energy conversion device (welding transformer) and welding actuator (spot welding tongs or spot welding gun).

The main difference between the three types of spot welders mentioned above is the different welding actuators. The ordinary spot welder is welded by the worker by the spot welding pliers. The multi-spot welder, as the name implies, is welded by multiple spot welding guns installed on various forms of racks. Spot welding tongs on the robot arm weld the workpiece.

[Superiority of Brand Plastic Welder]

In recent years, the overall market of the plastic welding machine industry has been slightly deserted. Under the situation of increasingly fierce competition, the profits of ultrasound companies have gradually been compressed. With the arrival of different brands in the plastic welding industry, their competition strategies are also different. Compared with foreign brands, they are in a state of game. In addition, among local products, second-tier brands have an advantage, often occupying a larger share in the local market, and can receive the trust and welcome of local consumers.

Because to a certain extent, the quality of this kind of product is not very poor, but it has a considerable advantage in price. Due to various reasons, it has a considerable influence in the local area. Before buying, people will ask the price first, like buying a cable socket, such as the price of imported cable sockets, and this type of products has caused considerable pressure on foreign first-tier brands by virtue of price advantages and delivery lead advantages.

With the increase of the brand of plastic welding machines, the competition among ultrasonic enterprises has also reached a fevered level, and the game between local products and foreign products is being upgraded. Whether it is foreign products or local products, companies should realize that they need to survive, seek Development, we must find a way suitable for our own development. Ultrasonic enterprises should seek high value-added products, change their thinking and innovate products. While expanding the horizontal industry chain, they should further dig products and occupy a place in the fierce market competition. .

In short, people will first understand the characteristics of any product when buying any product, such as how the ultrasonic plastic welding machine, high frequency machine is good, etc. Only with a satisfactory answer will people place an order. How brands do this well also requires careful thinking.

With the increase of the ultrasonic brand, the competition among ultrasonic enterprises has also reached a fevered level, and the game between local and foreign products is being upgraded. Whether it is a foreign product or a local product, companies should realize that they need to survive and develop Therefore, it is necessary to find a path suitable for its own development. Ultrasonic enterprises should seek high value-added products, change their thinking, innovate products, and further expand products while expanding the horizontal industrial chain, occupying a place in the fierce market competition.

The above introductions about "What are the spot welding machines for automobile body welding" and "The superiority of brand plastic welding machines", I hope you can understand "A brief introduction to the types of welding machines and their related advantages" to help.

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