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Technical requirements for automatic tracking welding machine ultrasonic metal welding machine

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At present, welding machinery and equipment are increasingly used in the machine manufacturing industry, so what are the technical requirements for automatic tracking welding machines? What are the differences between ultrasonic metal welding machines and ultrasonic plastic welding machines?

Welder ultrasonic

1. First, the methods are different at work. Generally, the vibration orientation of the welding head in ultrasonic plastic welding bisects the welding position vertically, and the vibration orientation of the welding head in ultrasonic metal welding is parallel to the welding position. In some unique situations, plastic welding can also be used in parallel plane orientation, such as thinner rubber parts.

2. Secondly, because ultrasonic waves are used to weld metals, there are clearer requirements for ultrasonic welding technology; relative to general plastic welding, regulations for various fields such as output power volume, power density, reliability, and mechanical automation , Not the same level. At present, the ultrasonic generators used for ultrasonic plastic welding in China are all based on self-excited power circuits, which typically means: 8400, 8700 full-bridge power circuits and half-bridge power circuits commonly used in Taiwanese equipment. The distinctive feature is a tuned inductor. .

If the current mature technology for plastic welding is immediately transferred to metal welding, its technically innate development will cause unstable applications of the product; its only advantage is that the price is low, but for the high cost of metal welding itself Regulations, this advantage is very pale. Large power volume and smooth ultrasonic generator.

3. The first stable ultrasonic generator is defined as: automatic frequency tracking. Automatic frequency tracking can ensure that the ultrasonic transducer system software can work in series resonance, that is, the maximum vibration amplitude of the welding head. The frequency automatic tracking technology is selected, and it is not necessary to adjust the frequency when dismantling the grinding tool and working, it is regarded as the basic requirement for metal welding. Machines and equipment that have adjustable inductors to manually adjust the frequency cannot be considered based on regulations.

4. A stable ultrasonic generator should also be specified: the constant amplitude and the infinitely adjustable amplitude. Constant vibration amplitude, which can ensure the consistency of welding, is important for stable production; the infinitely adjustable amplitude of vibration amplitude is the basis to ensure the main use of machinery and equipment, such as the ability to weld copper on the same machinery and equipment according to the main parameters You can also weld aluminum raw materials.

5. High power capacity: Metal welding is relatively opposite to plastic welding, which requires a high specific energy, and must have a relatively high output power volume, such as 20kHz equipment, most of which specify an output power volume of about 3000W. Many companies suddenly report false tolerances for the output power volume, and then people only need to compare them with the plastic welding machines they make. No one believes that the plastic welding machine tolerances are too high.

Welder ultrasonic

6. High-quality welding heads: Metal welding is the main purpose of industrial production, and welding heads with high service life must be specified. High-quality ultrasonic transducer: such as a 20kHz ultrasonic transducer, it must be able to bear a load of about 3kw for a long time. The ultrasonic transducers of many companies use ordinary plastic-welded ultrasonic transducers, which cannot be distinguished by appearance. It is a way to evade responsibility.

7. High-quality automatic control system: It has three basic operation modes : welding kinetic energy, time, and aspect ratio. Various quality control mobile phone software consider different requirements.

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