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Why does the automatic spot welding machine generate heat and what is the use of it?

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Our automatic welding equipment is increasingly updated, and its technology is also becoming mature. However, for automatic spot welding machines, the use of safety, efficiency and environmental protection and energy conservation is always the focus of everyone's attention. Let me introduce the automatic spot for everyone. Why does the welding machine generate heat and precautions when using it!

First, why does the automatic spot welding machine appear hot?

1.Check whether the insulation resistance between the electrode holder and the body is bad, causing a local short circuit.

2.Check whether the inlet water pressure, water flow, and water supply temperature are appropriate, and check whether the water system is blocked by dirt, which causes the electrode arm, electrode rod, and electrode tip to overheat due to poor cooling.

3.Check whether the copper soft coupling and the electrode arm, the contact surface of the electrode rod and the electrode head are seriously oxidized, which causes the contact resistance to increase and cause severe heat.

4.Check whether the cross section of the electrode tip is excessively increased due to wear, which causes the welder to overload and generate heat.

5.Check whether the welding thickness and load continuity rate exceed the standard, causing the welding machine to overload and generate heat.

What precautions should be taken when using automatic spot welding machines?

1.When used on site, it should be equipped with rainproof and moistureproof sheds, and corresponding fire protection equipment should be installed.

2.Inflammable and explosive materials such as oil, wood, oxygen cylinders, and acetylene generators must not be stacked within 10m of the welding site.

3. Welding operations and cooperating personnel must wear labor protection articles in accordance with regulations, and must take measures to prevent accidents such as electric shock, high-altitude fall, gas poisoning and fire.

4.The secondary tap connection copper plate should be pressed tightly, and the terminal post should have a washer. Before closing, the wiring nut, bolts and other parts should be checked in detail and confirmed to be intact and complete, without loosening or damage. There are protective covers at the terminal post.

5.Before use, you should check and confirm that the primary and secondary wires are connected correctly, the input voltage is in accordance with the nameplate of the electric welding machine, and you know the type and scope of the welding current of the spot welding machine. After connecting the power, it is strictly prohibited to touch the live parts of the primary circuit The primary and secondary wiring must be equipped with protective covers.

6.When moving the spot welding machine, the power should be cut off, and the welding machine must not be moved by dragging the cable. When the power is suddenly cut off during welding, the power should be cut off immediately.

7.When welding non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead, etc., it must be performed in a well-ventilated place. The welding personnel should wear gas masks or breathing filters.

8.When multiple spot welding machines are used centrally, they should be tapped on a three-phase power network to balance the three-phase load. The grounding devices of multiple welding machines should be connected by ground electrodes, and must not be connected in series.

9.It is strictly forbidden to weld on the pressure pipelines in operation, containers with flammable and explosive materials, and stressed components.

10.When welding preheating parts, a baffle should be provided to isolate the radiant heat emitted by the preheating weldment.

The above is the related introduction of "why does the automatic spot welding machine generate heat? What are the precautions when using it", I hope it can be helpful to everyone, if you have more questions about the automatic spot welding machine, you can contact us directly Or add WeChat to the staff for consultation!

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