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The advantages of welding machines and the differences between different products

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The so-called welding machine, as its name implies, is a kind of equipment used for welding. Nowadays, with the development of technology, we can see all types of welding machines in the market. The stainless steel welding machine is one of them. In recent years, with the implementation of environmental protection policies, new types of welding machines represented by stainless steel welding machines will be widely used. Let's take a closer look at "the advantages of welding machines and the differences between different products".

[What are the advantages of the new welding machine]

随着国内能源压力的日渐形成,针对该机械的应用也逐步提出了节能的要求,在长期的技术改造中也逐步通过一系列的变化是节能效果变得更为留心,这一点是毫无疑问的。 Energy saving: With the increasing pressure of domestic energy sources, energy saving requirements have been gradually proposed for the application of this machine. In the long-term technical transformation, a series of changes have gradually been adopted. The energy saving effect has become more attentive. No doubt about it.

就该机械产品而言,其所需的电网要求是比较低的,只需呀250KVA就能应用,因此其所适用的范围是非常广的。 Strong adaptability: As far as this mechanical product is concerned, the required power grid requirements are relatively low, and only 250KVA can be used, so its applicable range is very wide.

之所以会有这样的结论主要是因为该机械采用了新的可编程控器产品,通过控制方式的改进大大提升了原先的精确度,这也是非常难得的。 High welding accuracy: The reason for this conclusion is mainly because the machine uses a new programmable controller product. The improvement of the control method has greatly improved the original accuracy, which is also very rare.

按照以往的焊接模式,手工实施所能达到的效果是非常有限的,而在对焊机的使用中却没有丝毫的体现,两者的差距是比较明显的。 High welding efficiency: According to the previous welding mode, the effect achieved by manual implementation is very limited, but it is not reflected in the use of the welding machine. The difference between the two is obvious.

[Difference between ordinary electric welding machine and stainless steel welding machine]

With the continuous development of life today, various types of stainless steel products and steel products have occupied many important places in life. But for many people who do not understand stainless steel welding machine and ordinary welding machine, there seems to be no difference between the two welding machines, but in fact, the working principle and scope of application of stainless steel welding machine and ordinary welding machine are very different. The difference between the machine and the ordinary welding machine to discuss with everyone.

The outstanding feature of the stainless steel welding machine is the precise control of current and time, which greatly reduces the output of thermal energy, and ensures that the workpiece is always at normal temperature during the welding of stainless steel products, so as to achieve no deformation and discoloration of stainless steel products. Welding effect. The outstanding feature of electric welding machine is that the power is used to convert electrical energy into heat in an instant, to achieve the welding of steel products by thermal energy, permanent welding of metal materials by thermal energy, and the same heat treatment as the raw materials through overheat treatment of the weld. Strength welding.

The scope of use of stainless steel welding machines is mostly special welding materials. The scope of use of stainless steel welding machines is mainly sheet metal welding, welding of stainless steel sheets, mold instruments, precision electronics, and defect repair. The ordinary electric welding machine has a wide range of applications, but the main application areas are generally in steel structure manufacturing, general machinery, agricultural machinery, pipelines and other steel structure manufacturing units, which are mainly used for welding repair of steel.

The stainless steel welding machine is also called stainless steel cold welding machine. In actual operation, the current and time of the stainless steel welding machine should be controlled with high precision, so as to avoid failure during use. When it is not used for a long time, the welding machine should be welded. Put the machine in a dry area to avoid malfunctions inside the machine when it gets wet. Electric welding machine will produce welding arc light which is harmful to human body during welding operation.

Welding arc light mainly includes visible optical fiber, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, which belong to the hot line spectrum. It will cause great harm to the human body under long-term working conditions. When performing welding work, you should wear work clothes and gloves to avoid burns. Welders should also have professional filter lenses and protective glasses to prevent arc light from damaging the eyes.

The above introduction of "What are the advantages of the new welding machine" and "Differences between ordinary electric welding machine and stainless steel welding machine", I hope you can understand the "welder" to help.

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