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What are the obvious advantages of automatic straight seam welding machines and how to choose and buy them

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Automatic straight seam welding machine is widely used for straight seam welding of various types of door frame angle steel seals. It can automatically weld 6 welds at a time, the effect is very obvious, and it can complete the welding task efficiently and with high quality. Take a look at the obvious advantages of automatic straight seam welding machines and choose a method to buy automatic straight seam welding machines!

First, what are the obvious advantages of automatic straight seam welding machine

1.Welding object

Longitudinal seam outside the cylinder, flat butt joint appearance is beautiful, the texture is uniform, the width of the weld is narrow, the height is consistent, the weld is smooth, and the product is not deformed!

2.Torch walking machine mechanism

Using high-power DC motor, it is very powerful when walking at high speed and low speed! The welding torch has no vibration during the up and down movement and walking. Customers can check some automation manufacturers. The vibration feeling is very strong when the welding torch is up and down.

3.Using high precision linear guide

Less wear can maintain accuracy for many years! No slippage will occur!

4.The main shaft is made of copper

Protect the surface of the workpiece from damage, water-cooled tubes are embedded in the shaft to ensure uniform and rapid heat dissipation when the workpiece is welded, and the back of the weld is beautifully formed!

5, plate clamp

The use of electroplating plating guarantees that the fixture will still be very precise for many years, wear-resistant and durable, and bright as new!

6.Electrical system

Adopting Japanese Mitsubishi PLC control, stable performance and strong anti-interference! Each line is clearly marked. The PLC control system programmed by our factory has never received a maintenance call!

7.Energy saving and environmental protection

The power supply voltage of this special machine is 220V, and the input power is only 100W, which is very power saving!

8.Good versatility

One machine can weld a variety of products with different diameters, different lengths, and different material thicknesses!

9.Simple operation

Depress the foot switch twice and press the "Start" switch to automatically complete the welding of a workpiece. No technology is required, and any general worker can operate it!

10. Product specifications of automatic straight seam welding machine

Its size can be customized! Due to different product specifications, prices are also different! Welcome to inquire!

How to choose and buy automatic straight seam welding machine

1.The specifications and models of each machine are different, and the prices are also different.The customer must consult to understand clearly.

2.Contract signing: For customers who cannot visit the factory, when we sign the contract, our factory faxes the business license, the national tax registration certificate, and the local tax registration certificate to the customer, so that the customer can buy it with confidence.

3.After-sales service: free on-site installation and commissioning throughout the country and teach employees to operate, free warranty for 1 year, lifetime maintenance, and provide various technical support for free.

The above is the related introduction of "What are the obvious advantages of automatic straight seam welding machine? How to choose and buy a straight seam automatic welding machine", I hope to help everyone. If you have more questions about automatic straight seam welding machine, it is very simple Contact us by phone, of course, you can also add WeChat consultation!

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