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What is a pipe full-position automatic welding machine and what is its use

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Welders are a very hard job, different construction environments, all postures, and construction is still difficult when welding pipes. At this time, a tool called a pipe full-position automatic welding machine appeared, greatly saving Now that the cost of pipeline welding is introduced, what is the full-position pipeline automatic welding machine and pipeline automatic?

What is a full-position automatic welding machine for pipes?

Pipeline transportation is the main, fastest, economical, and reliable method for oil and gas transportation.It can be used to transport water, crude oil, natural gas, and refined oil, etc. develop rapidly.

The main body of the pipeline transportation industry is pipelines, and the core work of pipeline engineering is welding of nozzles.

Therefore, it is of great significance to research high-efficiency and reliable pipeline all-position automatic welding machines. First, a rail-type pipeline full-position automatic welding machine has been developed. Its key technologies include the development of a new type of walking mechanism, a welding gun swing mechanism, Lateral adjustment mechanism, height and inclination adjustment mechanism and track, analyzed its structural characteristics, operating principles, and design points.

The 3D design software of SolidWorks is used to establish its finite element model, and the finite element analysis of the mechanical structure is performed by Cosmosworks finite element analysis software.The influence of the stress distribution of each component of the welding machine on the strength and stiffness of the whole machine is obtained.

Secondly, the modal analysis of the welding machine is performed to obtain the natural frequency and natural mode of each order of the welding machine, so as to analyze the vibration characteristics of the welding machine during the welding process; the motion simulation of the automatic welding machine is performed to obtain the motion parameters of each module , Including speed, acceleration, etc., to verify that the automatic welding machine can meet the technical requirements.

Finally, according to the finite element analysis results obtained from the actual working environment of the pipeline full-position automatic welding machine, the structure of the automatic welding machine is optimized to achieve small size, light weight, low processing cost, high motion accuracy, easy operation and meet various requirements. Performance.

Field experiments show that the automatic welding machine can walk stably and reliably along the guide rail and perform all-position welding of the pipeline. The whole machine adopts a modular design, which is convenient for installation, commissioning and maintenance, simple operation and low cost, and is suitable for China's field construction operations and The technical level of workers not only guarantees the welding quality, but also improves labor efficiency.

What is the use of automatic pipe welding machine

The pipeline active welding machine uses high-energy pulse laser to weld objects.The high energy and high density of laser pulse can make the welding flat, the weld width is small, and the heat-affected zone is small.It can complete the full active fine welding that cannot be completed by traditional processes. The material resistance is at least equivalent to the parent material, and the weld quality is high, flat, beautiful, and free of pores.

Welding is now continuously carried out along with mechanical cymbals. People's impressions are relatively good. The importance of welding is more prominent in the process of production, and it is generally compared in the process of using it. It is guaranteed that the so-called welding skills are relatively sophisticated, which is equally good.

Using a pipeline active laser welding machine is a kind of welding application. When people are in the process of piping the pipeline, it is very necessary to use a pipeline welding machine, because this type of product is now considered as a comparison in the market. Sophisticated products, it is more dangerous for people to choose a new product for installation.

Therefore, the help of the old brand is still needed. With regard to the pipeline active laser welding machine, the process of the pipeline installation. The customer's laser welding machine can use this equipment to weld on one side and two sides. On-board welding, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, weldable aluminum alloy and other metal materials.

The above is the related introduction of "What is a pipe full-position automatic welding machine and what is its use". I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you have more questions about the automatic welding machine, you can contact us directly, or consult through WeChat Our professionals are waiting for your contact!

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