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What are the welding heat sources of the circular seam welding machine:

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There are many types of automatic seam welding machines, so it should be based on the different size, material, thickness and welding forming requirements of different steel parts. Based on the data analysis, the editor summarizes the following about the welding heat source of the circular seam automatic welding machine:

Plasma arc welding

Plasma arc welding is this kind of non-melting electrode gas body maintenance arc welding. This is carried out by using electric scale and reduced electrical isolation between steel parts. The commonly used electric grade is generally tungsten. The low-temperature plasma gas that causes the low-temperature plasma arc can be argon, N2, helium, or a mixture of the two. Together, it also maintains the inert exhaust gas according to the nozzle, and can choose whether to add a metal material during welding.

Submerged arc welding

For submerged arc welding, the electrode with continuous wire feed is used as the electrical grade and filling metal material. When the ring seam automatic welding machine is welding, a layer of particle flux is covered on the area, and the electric isolation is ignited under the flux layer, and the end of the electrode beam and part of the butt weld are melted to produce welding.

Under the effect of electric solitary heating, part of the solution is melted into slag and the metallurgical industry reflects with the shape memory alloy. The slag floats on the surface of the metal material melting tank. Metal materials are slowly cooled by water.

3. Tungsten gas shielded arc welding

It is this kind of non-melting electrode vapor maintenance arc welding, which uses the electric isolation between tungsten electrode and steel to melt metal materials to produce welding. Tungsten is extremely melted during the entire welding process, which only has the effect of electric level. Argon gas and helium gas are sent out by the nozzle of the torch of the automatic seam welding machine together as the maintenance gas. The other one can be filled with metal materials according to the other.

4.Maintenance welding of molten electrode body

This type of welding process uses the continuous feeding of the electrode and the electric igniter between the steel as the pyrogen, and the gas sprayed by the torch nozzle to maintain the electric solitary welding.

The key advantage of fused electrode vapor maintenance welding is the ability to carry out welding of various parts in layers, together with school advantages such as rapid welding rate and high deposition rate.

5. Flux-cored arc welding

Flux-cored arc welding is based on the continuous welding of the electrode and the electric solitary heat ignited in the middle of the steel. The welding electrode can be considered to be the maintenance of the molten electrode vapor. Therefore, the electrode used is a flux-cored wire. The core has different powders. The powder is additionally maintained during welding. The powder is decomposed or melted. It plays the role of gas generation, slag maintenance, melting tank, aluminum alloy penetration and arc stabilization.

6. Resistance welding

This welding process to use resistor heat as power source includes electroslag welding with slag resistor heat as power source and resistance welding with solid resistor heat as power source, and resistance using solid resistor heat as power source Welding, key precise positioning welding, seam welding, projection welding and butt welding, etc.

Resistance welding is usually a way to keep the steel parts under the effect of the necessary electrical level working pressure and use the amount of current to fuse the contact surface between the two steel parts to maintain the connection according to the resistor heat caused by the steel parts.

Generally, a large amount of current is applied. In order to prevent electrical isolation on the surface and to forge and weld metal materials, pressure must be applied throughout the entire welding process.

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