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Standards to be followed when using welding robots

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Many welding robot operators will have some unexpected situations when using the machine. Therefore, our staff should pay attention to the methods during normal operation to avoid equipment damage. Enterprises can also formulate some systems to allow workers to operate in accordance with regulations.
1. Ensure the cleanliness of the work area and equipment. If oil, water, tools, workpieces, etc. are on the ground, it may cause hidden dangers to operators and cause serious accidents.
2. After using the tool, put it back to the original position outside the robot's motion range and save it to prevent the robot from colliding with the tool left on the fixture, causing damage to the fixture or robot. After all other operations are completed, don't forget to clean the robot and fixture.
3. As a welding robot worker, it is necessary to wear specific work clothes and protective measures before operation to play a full protective role.
4. For the personnel responsible for the integration of the robot system, the design and manufacture of the system equipment, they must understand and master the use of the guardrail and the equipment. You can read through the manual to understand the correct operations and measures to be taken in the event of an emergency.
5. Strictly abide by the rules to avoid accidents or injuries. The personnel responsible for robot maintenance and inspection will check and confirm all the circuits related to emergency stop and make them properly interlocked according to the corresponding standards. When performing maintenance or inspection work, make sure that the emergency stop switch can be pressed at any time to stop the work of the equipment immediately when needed.
6. Before teaching, confirm whether there is abnormal noise or abnormal. Manually operate the welding robot to check for abnormal noises and abnormalities. Press the emergency stop button while the servo power is on, and check if the robot's servo power can be cut off correctly. Release the lever switch on the back of the teaching box while the servo power is on, and confirm that the robot servo power can be cut off correctly.
7. When teaching, the operation site should ensure that the operator can avoid the robot's motion in time. When operating the robot, try to face the robot as far as possible (do not look away from the robot). When not operating the robot, try to avoid standing within the robot's motion range, and press the emergency stop button to stop the robot.
8. Please note during automatic operation. In the event of an abnormality, please press the emergency stop button immediately. It is forbidden to stand in the fence or the working range of the robot. It is forbidden to extend your hand or tool through the gap in the fence.
Enterprises can formulate some rules and regulations to ensure that operators will not damage the equipment or even cause danger when using welding robots. Users should also pay attention to the protective measures when using the equipment.
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