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What failures may occur with the welding robot

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When using welding robots, many people will suddenly have some problems. This is caused by many factors. Because users have a good understanding of the equipment, the following brief introduction of Huatianlong is often used in the operation of general equipment What kind of failure problems can occur?
1. A collision occurred. It may be due to deviations in the assembly of the workpiece or inaccurate TCP of the welding torch. You can check the assembly or correct the welding torch TCP.
2. An arc fault cannot occur. It may be because the welding wire is not in contact with the workpiece or the process parameters are too small, you can manually feed the wire, adjust the distance between the welding gun and the weld, or adjust the process parameters appropriately.
3. Protective gas monitoring alarm. The cooling water or protective gas supply is faulty. Check the cooling water or protective gas pipeline.
4, the occurrence of welding deviation may be the position of the welding is incorrect or a problem in the welding gun search. At this time, it is necessary to consider whether the TCP (position of the intermediate point of the welding gun) is accurate and adjust it. If this happens frequently, check the zero position of each axis of the robot and re-zero it to correct it.
5. Undercuts may be caused by improper selection of parameters, welding gun angle or welding gun position. You can adjust the power appropriately to change the parameters, adjust the attitude of the welding gun and the relative position of the welding gun and the workpiece.
6. Pores may be caused by poor gas protection, the primer of the workpiece is too thick, or the protective gas is not dry enough, you can deal with it by adjusting accordingly.
7. Excessive spattering may result in improper parameter selection, gas component reasons, or excessive external wire elongation. Adjust the power appropriately to change the welding parameters, adjust the gas ratio meter to adjust the mixture gas ratio, and adjust the welding torch and workpiece. relative position.
8. An arc crater is formed at the end of the weld after cooling. When programming, a submerged arc pit function is added in the work step to fill it up.
In order to avoid the above problems, the user can also do the inspection of the welding robot in order to find the problem in time and deal with it in order to avoid affecting the normal work. We usually do a good job of inspecting the welding robot, to a certain extent, it can avoid a series of problems during operation. In addition, if a failure occurs, it does not matter. Long-term use often causes this problem to occur. Just repair it.
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