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                                              Xuzhou China University of Mining and Technology Wenchang Campus

                                              Xuzhou China University of Mining and Technology Wenchang Campus

                                              Xuzhou China University of Mining and Technology Wenchang campus purchased 1.3 straight seam welding machine, ring seam welding machine ...

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                                              Inner Mongolia Advanced Steel Group

                                              Inner Mongolia Advanced Steel Group

                                              Inner Mongolia Advanced Iron & Steel Group Procures Scaffolding Welding Machines (Users in Outer Mongolia) ...

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                                              Zhengzhou Botsman Hydraulic Equipment

                                              Zhengzhou Botsman Hydraulic Equipment

                                              Zhengzhou Botzman Hydraulic Equipment Procures Cylinder Welding Machine ...

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                                              Xinjiang Xinxuda Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

                                              Xinjiang Xinxuda Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

                                              Xinjiang Xinxuda Electromechanical Co., Ltd. special cylinder welding machine (export to Russia) ...

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                                              Jinan Furness Welding Technology Co., Ltd.

                                              It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, design, manufacturing and technical services of automatic welding equipment in China. Through the unremitting efforts of all employees of the company for more than ten years, it has created a rich experience in the production of automatic welding equipment and has strong hardware and software development capabilities And mechanical design research and development capabilities of the workforce. There are more than 30 high- and intermediate-level engineering and technical personnel in various fields such as automatic control, software programming, mechanical hydraulics, marketing, production management, and manufacturing. They have rich experience, excellent technology, open thinking, and the ability to continuously innovate. The company has established a long-term technical cooperation relationship with the Welding Research Institute of Jilin University. Based on the international and domestic advanced automatic welding technologies and processes, combined with its own technical characteristics and the actual situation of users, it has developed and produced a batch of technology-leading and stable performance Automatic welding machine with high efficiency, strong practicality and independent intellectual property rights. There are more than a dozen series and hundreds of products, which are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, construction machinery, pressure vessels, solar water heaters, fire equipment, machinery manufacturing, construction, textiles and other fields. ...

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                                              Automatic tracking welding machine ultrasonic metal
                                              Currently, welding equipment is used in the machine building industry
                                              Why the price of disc buckle scaffolding is too low
                                              Everyone has seen scaffolding, mainly used in the construction industry.
                                              Why does the automatic spot welding machine occur?
                                              Our fully automatic welding equipment is increasingly updated and technically trending.
                                              Principles and advantages of automatic pipeline welding machine
                                              Many welded pipes must be applied to automatic welding machines.
                                              The advantages of welding machine and its different products
                                              The so-called welding machine, as the name implies, is a kind of welding machine
                                              What are the automatic straight seam welding machines?
                                              Automatic straight seam welding machine for straight seam welding of all kinds of door frame angle steel seals
                                              What is all-position automatic welding of pipes
                                              Welder is a very hard job, different construction environment, what
                                              Welding heat source for automatic seam welder
                                              There are many types of automatic seam welders, so they should be based on different
                                              Need to comply when using welding robots
                                              When many welding robot operators use the machine,
                                              Where might a welding robot appear
                                              When many people use welding robots, some
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